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Property protect was founded in 2013 as the most unique Irish one stop shop  for both Home and Commercial Property Owners who have suffered or are at risk of suffering an insurable loss. Property protect is 100% Irish owned company, owned by Clearys Loss Assessors and in close cooperation with Varco, Value at Risk Management company. Clearys Insurance Services Company is firmly grounded as a market leader in Insurance Services and Claims Settlement on the Irish market.  Clears is a loss assessing and loss adjusting company helping people and businesses for over 20 years to obtain the highest possible settlement for their claim.

When we first started Clearys more than two decades ago we were just a handful of enthusiastic young professionals, today we have established a market leading company operating in the entire country. What we are aiming for is to go further than claim settlement services and to grow our business through a complete range of products that reflect the issues and concerns that our clients face on a daily basis. Thus we created VARCo- the Value at Risk specialist company that will carry out all the operations necessary to ensure that any business and property values are identified and maintained in a cost effective and efficient manner. With Clearys Loss assessors and VARCo we managed to cover two important domains in claim settlement and insurance services –client consulting and business evaluation. Yet we wish to provide a full spectrum of products and services to our clients which will cover not only the after effects of a possible insurance event but will enable our clients to ensure prevention of any possible damage. With this thought in our mind we decided to create Property protect – the only company in Ireland which provides online home security products covering all possible property damages.

The uniqueness of Property protect consists in the inclusive package of home protection products which no other company or web site offers. Property protect is not just an online shop for home protection utilities, it is much more than that. PP products cover the whole process from preventing to eliminating the after effects of a possible incident. We have developed strong relationships with many of the top branded manufacturers in the industry and as a result we are able to offer our clients products on the most competitive prices, faster and less expensive shipping worldwide. Many of our products are DIY but other require professional knowledge and skills, to be installed correctly and to work to its highest standards.The database of contractors which we have developed all around the country allows us not only to supply but also to ensure installation of the purchased products. Property protect offers all types of home protection products from fire and flood to malice and vandalism.  Finding all you need in one place for protecting your home is time consuming and with that- money-saving. No more long hours of internet searching or driving from one shop to another. Property protect has it all.

Property protect aims to anticipate all needs related to insuring your property. This is why by supplying home protection products and ensuring their installation we can also help the property owners of uninsurable properties to have them insured. We have various connections with insurance companies which will provide exclusive insurance offers to Property protect clients. The professionals in Property protect  and Clearys know very well that each insurance policy has warranties that have to be met before the policy is put in place. Our professionals are well acquainted with all these preliminary conditions and that is why all our products are selected to reflect the requirements of every insurance policy.

Last but not least, our interactive website has an online feature which provides 24/h online assistance. Our professionals will answer any question related to the products we supply and their installations, shipping and prices.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, you can contact us via our online platform, or you can call us on 01 8098914 during working hours.

Now that you know who we are and what we do, why don’t you have a look at our page?


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