Donegal families suffer sewage flood horror in run-up to Christmas

A resident of a housing estate in Donegal has sent footage of their home being flooded with sewage just before the Christmas holidays.

He claims that nobody will help them.

The resident of the Lennon View estate in Kilmacrennan, Rafal Kimel, comments on the footage posted by The Donegal Daily on YouTube from the weekend.

In it, you can see rubbish and raw sewage floating in the water which apparently gushes towards their homes every time there is a storm.

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Rafal says in the clip: “We are asking the county council to help us with this for one year, and there is nothing.

“There is just completely no answer. And now we have a problem with sewage.

“I’m sure somebody will have a great Christmas, especially when the frost comes.”

He then walks over to the sewage pump on the estate.

“Over here our pump for our switch is completely broken. Actually, it hasn’t worked for the last two months.”



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